Help! Are these disco pants authentic 1970s?

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    Hey I picked these cool disco pants up yesterday and i'm having trouble finding out if they're authetntic from the 1970s. I know they've had a resurgence since 2008 when American Apparel put out there own brand of Disco Pants. I bought them because I looked up the brand and saw other disco pants by the same brand being listed on Etsy:


    and they claimed they were 1970s originals. Before I list I'd like to ask the experts first, Metal Talon Zipper, snap button, Black Label inside is identical to other disco pants from the era (fredricks of hollywood) the label on the butt says: Bojeangles Originals Skin-Ease . So here are some pics....

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    Thank you! How can you tell? Just curious :)
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    Odd sizing was a thing until the 1980s where they swapped it out for petite/junior sizes.

    The tag makes mention of the pants being made in California. This trend began in the 1930s and went well into the 1970s. Casual clothing became a thing and inspiration was drawn from California by many clothing companies.

    Since there's also a care tag you can conclude that it was made past 1971 when it became mandatory to release that information.
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    Those were popular in the discos, but they are hard to find today.

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