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    I recently purchased this gorgeous bag from my local thrift. It was one of those moments where you see something from a far and white out even seeing it closely youbalteady know it’s yours. I wasn’t too familiar with the brand so I started doing research and found lots and lots of very interesting facts about this brand. I was very excited when I thought I had found a vintage bag until I looked closely and noticed the “ made in Hong Kong” tag in the inside of the purse. The lining is covered in “ whiting and Davis iterations” writing but other than that there is no other marking. This bag feels like the real deal, it’s well made but the tag made me question it’s authenticity. The made in Hong Kong label is small with red letters... help! Thank you in advance

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    Hi yenypennyg and welcome to the forums.

    As per the rules, we can't authenticate here, but considering the availability of designer logo lining in Asia from the '70s onwards, I'd be cautious about considering this bag authentic unless it had branding elsewhere especially on the frame.

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