Help dating 1970s (?) blouse

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    Good morning/afternoon/night,

    How was Christmas, everyone? Hope it went well for all.
    I bought this lashing blouse (if that's what it's called; correct me if I'm wrong) in a local charity. It has this very aged tag with the designer’s name and the name of my city. I couldn't get any info on her searching the web, but my hunch is that this piece dates back to the 70s. Am I correct? Thanks for any help.
    - J.P.​

    1581CD3F-88E6-42B2-8498-78C7E05B28E2.jpeg 09FFDF4E-F5F2-4A96-8D13-4702AD7D584B.jpeg C51C5210-6E32-45CD-B0FF-D4A66951F843.jpeg
    CF6924E1-67C9-4609-AE85-A2FF73AFC87F.jpeg 8DD4A39E-B331-4469-A479-F838FB03AE91.jpeg
    C98E63B1-A46F-4A7B-80F3-709C0D1C5C72.jpeg 00981DB1-7197-43D0-A3E8-F803D9F6C1E0.jpeg 05A6B8CB-6376-4C20-AC55-03FDE69D0907.jpeg
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    Pretty - looks like poppies, which I love. And the label looks expensive! I'd guess 70s just because of the style.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say it could also be from the 40s. The label and fabric look older to me and it could have been a tie front top that went with shorts or capris?
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    It was my second thought!
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    Never heard of the term lashing blouse - I would call it a tie-front bolero top.
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    Haha, thanks! Translations are always flimsy.
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    love it
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