Help dating a Wedding dress.

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    Hi All,
    First time posting on this forum.

    I've acquired 2 'wedding' dresses that seem to be quite old and I need some help in getting a rough date for them. They are Australian dresses.

    So here is dress no 1

    There is satin underneath, then in the skirt there is 3 layers of a greenish blue coarse tulle/net then a layer of a finer bridal tulle in the same off white (bone to pinkish) colour of the satin. All the same length (the wind caught it while I was taking photos)

    Photo taken while the dress was inside out.

    Back of dress has 2 lengths of the bridal tulle coming from near the top of the zipper, I presume is tied in a bow, however there is no creases in them (I have found paper confetti in the front pleating so I would say it hasn't been cleaned). There no train on the dress. Brass coloured metal zipper that has blue heavy cotton (see photo further down with label).


    Some close ups of the front and sequin detail.
    The sequins all have an AB coating, some are a very light pink cup sequin while others are cream flat sequins.

    Photo2281.jpg Photo2391.jpg

    The label reads 'Australian Model Created By Olive Ferris Regd'


    As you can see, it seems the shoulder straps and back panel were tacked on later but there is no difference in the materials.

    Photo of the dress inside out. (Shoulder strap is starting to come undone)

    There is six pieces of boning in the bodice, I can't see what type but they feel as though they have curved cut ends and are consistently flat.

    So, any ideas what era/date this dress maybe from?
    Let me know if you need more photos/info.

    As a side note, there is some dirty marks on the dress any ideas for cleaning? (or should I post a seperate thread for that question?)

    Thanks in advance for help!

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    Those wide cummerbund midriffs are typically (1957-1960)
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    Thanks Jonathan.
    I had thought it may have been 50's-60's but the AB sequins made me question that.
  4. Aurora Borealis (AB) coating, which produced an iridescent effect, was first introduced in 1955 so that fits in perfectly with Jonathan's dating.

    Lovely frocks btw! :)

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