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    Found this lilli ann knits coat in grandma's estate no unlabeled aside from designer. Does the knit mean that the fabric is knit? Very heavy like wool. No size label either. Is this common? 1960's would be my guess based on when grandma would have worn something like this. However, it is in perfect condition, so I'm not sure she actually wore it. Any help would be appreciated IMG_2315.jpg IMG_2248.jpg
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    Your coat is very nice and is representative of late 1960's and 1970's style. Wool is the material, the fiber, that is spun into thread/yarn. The resulting woolen thread/yarn could then be woven as in tweed fabric or it could be knit into a knit fabric as in your coat. Lilli Ann knits were very high quality. Enjoy your coat.
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    As Marian said, your grandmother's coat is very typical of late 1960's - early 1970's style. As you noted it is in remarkable condition! Since you say there are no other tags, you must have looked in the seams and in the cuffs. There may have been another label in the coat giving the size, and the fabric content or there may have been a tag that was pinned on and is long gone! If I lived in a cool climate, I would wear this coat in a flash. Enjoy it!

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