Help dating black velvet cape

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  1. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    I am looking for a date on this heavy black velvet cape. It has no tags or labels of any kind. All the seams are unfinished, no pinking. It closes at the top with one very large button. It’s actually 3 layers - the velvet, some sort of backing and then a lining. I don’t think it was home made but I suppose it could be. Thanks for your help!

    A8852CF8-4951-4A36-97B0-26CA3227A3F3.jpeg 01134F31-F2A5-473C-AB97-9C305C9BFD7F.jpeg 195A8E9C-18DD-4E62-90A1-20A589B636B2.jpeg 06479DDC-C757-4C0C-8D82-C6F8D0ED607B.jpeg 4F55F80E-A0E4-49A7-B8EE-9149470BA6FD.jpeg 8AAFEFFF-764A-4451-8031-24A140CF1629.jpeg 1343487D-C6E7-4172-8FA5-7B32BA5F167B.jpeg BE608DEE-C043-46F8-8F6C-6234FAF9B452.jpeg
  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    That is lovely. Black is so hard to see in photos. It looks 1940s, but it is hard to see any details, even though you did take some good photos there. Can you show or describe the shoulders? Are there any inner pads or stiffening, and of what type, large, etc? Possibly 1930s.
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  3. carla rey

    carla rey Trade Member

    I had almost the identical cape a while back but in wool with more of the cape covered with the sequin polka dots. I had dated mine to 1940s especially with those built up shoulder pads.
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  4. RanchQueen

    RanchQueen Trade Member

    Gorgeous cape!
    The silhouette, shape of shoulders, yoke, length, closure, inner-lining fabric all check boxes for 1940s.
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  5. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    Thank you! I can confirm it does have shoulder pads, between the velvet and the backing. I didn’t even think to check.

    Carla your cape does look very similar!
  6. poppysvintageclothing

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