Help dating cotton playsuit/romper '30s/40s or '60s/70s?

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  1. TrashPandaClothier

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    Hi all!

    I recently found an amazing homesewn cotton palazzo leg jumpsuit

    --metal Talon zipper which I believe is from the late 1930s (it has the "Talon" imprint on the zipper head as well as on the pull, and squared corners rather than the rounded edges I've seen in 1940s-onward zippers)
    --BUT it also has a rolled collar which I associate more with late 60s-70s, and someone could have easily repurposed an old zipper.

    Please help! I *really* don't want to misidentify the era on this one.

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  2. mags_rags

    mags_rags Trade Member

    The print doesn't look right to me for a 30s/40s piece. The faux quilt pattern seems very early 70s to my eye.
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  3. northstarvintage

    northstarvintage Administrator Staff Member

    I see early 70s too. It's adorable!
  4. fuzzylizzie

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  5. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    agree early 70s. that rolled collar was especially popular at that time...late 60s early 70s.
  6. TrashPandaClothier

    TrashPandaClothier Registered Guest

    Thanks, everyone! My gut said "late 60s" for the print + collar + cut, but that dang zipper threw me off.
  7. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

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