Help dating dress: 60s or 70s?

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  1. Lulu Poppins

    Lulu Poppins Registered Guest

    Can somebody please tell me if you think this is a 60s or a 70s dress?
    I'm not used to find 60s garments but this seems to me a little different than the most of the 70s dresses I usually recognize.
    It doesn't have any label. I need to check the zipper, I can't remember now what is It made of. I will check it in a few hours and will update the info.
    Thank you

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  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    Is it a knit? It looks like a Qiana nylon knit, in which case early-mid 70s
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  3. Lulu Poppins

    Lulu Poppins Registered Guest

    Hi Jonathan!
    thanks for your response and sorry for the delay!
    It seems nylon, probably. Sorry my language is not English and I'm not sure if this is a knit. I always understood knit as another kind of fabric. But I agree It may be nylon. The zipper is plastic too, except for the part in where it is pulled to close or open.

    Can you tell me what is the name for this kind of print? (op art? cause maybe I would say "mod", but I think mod is for the 60s?)

    Thank you again
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  4. Vinclothes

    Vinclothes Alumni +

    Knit is the way thread is put together to make a fabric or material. Knit fabrics can be made from cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, wool and more.
    Some fabrics are knitted, others are woven.
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  5. Lulu Poppins

    Lulu Poppins Registered Guest

    Thanks, VinClothes :)
    Jonathan, I've checked on the internet and it's a knit.

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