Help dating flanneled plaid skirt

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    Good morning/afternoon/night to all!

    Along with the purse I posted earlier, I also got this skirt from my grandmother. She says she bought it in Europe and when she came back to Brazil had a seamstress alter the skirt (I assume she had a slit open in the back). It closes with a zipper and a tiny hook that gets attached to the fabric, and is made out of a flanneled fabric, if it helps. I am assuming it dates to the 1980s?

    Any help is appreciated.

    20191004_072718-1.jpg 20191004_072822.jpg 20191004_072917.jpg 20191004_072913.jpg 20191004_072842.jpg
  2. 196t's

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    Bumping this up... Any hunches?
  3. Midge

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    This is really hard, as this is a very classic style and there are no labels present, honestly. Length may be an indicator - knee length, below the knee, calf length?
  4. 196t's

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    Of course! Sorry, Midge. It's a very long skirt, ankle length.
    Edit: I just remembered: My grandmother said she wore it very high, up to her waist. Still, a long skirt. If you'd like, I could photograph it in a dress form.
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