Help dating leather (?) handbag

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    Good morning/afternoon/night to all!

    Feels good to finally be able to post here again! It's been a crazy few months lately...
    My grandmother (that just turned 88) gifted me this lovely handbag, but didn't give much info on it, I'm not certain if it's made from leather, and my guess is that it dates to the 1950s. Am I correct?

    Thanks for any help.

    20191004_072229.jpg 20191004_072300.jpg 20191004_072312.jpg 20191004_072320.jpg 20191004_072400.jpg 20191004_072421.jpg 20191004_072339-1.jpg
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  2. peaceful vintage

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    Hi there,

    It’s crocodile and I’d love to take guess of the age but I don’t really know so I’ll leave it to the handbag gurus to help with the dating.
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    Thanks for the info, Caryn! I'm always amazed at your knowledge :O
  4. 196t's

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    Giving this a little bump... Any guesses as to when this was made?
  5. Retro Ruth

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    I think 60s, maybe 70s.
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