help dating mink coat from "Eaton" fur salon and naming belt type....60s 70s 80s?

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    Hey Everyone,
    I'm not sure what I'm looking at here.....I want to say 80s but not sure. I remember the Eaton's brand shifting to Eaton at some point but am having trouble locating that info...

    Also, the belt is inserted through two openings at the side but runs inside across the back, is there a name for this?
    Thanks alot,

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  2. Furwise

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    Hi Lauren, Lovely coat and color. I would place it in the late 70s. The shape of the coat, the notched shawl collar, and the hidden belt slits were all very popular in fur coats at that time. It could be early 80s at the latest as trends don't just cut off abruptly but again these features were really popular in the late 70s.
    There is no technical name for the belt treatment. I do describe the belt slits as being hidden belt slits under the fur that are open in the lining also to offer the wearer a variety of ways to wear their coat.
    They can slide the belt in so the belt is inside the back and the front of the belt ties outside creating a fitted shapely look in front which is great when you want to show your curves in front but have a looser fit in back, they can wrap the belt around the outside of the back and slide it in through the belt slits so the belt is hidden in the front which will provide a loose fit in front and provide a fitted look in back, or they can bypass the belt slits altogether which are hidden under the fur and wrap the belt entirely outside around the coat making the front and back fitted at the waist.
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    Wow, thanks for all that Caryn....would not have occured to me!
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    Yes, that was a great feature of that time. :) In shorter terms by sliding belt through the hidden belt slits the wearer can wear the coat half belted in front, half belted in back, or they can choose not to use the hidden belt slits and wear the coat belted all the way around.
    As we got further into the 80s some fur coats had detachable half belts that were only attached in back with hooks and eyes like you see at the opening edges.

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