Help dating slip style dress side hooks and snaps

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  1. Kathy Griffin

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    As titled, this is a flared style slip like dress, spaghetti straps with sequin trim, and side hook and snap closure. I believe side hooks/ snaps are one characteristic of 30's, but I didn't get the feel of that date in looking at the rest of it. Shape, fabric, style and pinked seams speak more of 50's. Can I get your thought please?

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  2. Vinclothes

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    I see 1940's. Zippers were sometimes hard to find during wartime, so plackets continued to made using hooks and snaps. Home sewers were not always comfortable with sewing in zippers. Seamstresses used pinked seams in the 1940's, too. I think it probably originally had a bolero or other type short matching jacket. What is the fabric?
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  3. Kathy Griffin

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    I am not very good at fabrics. It has a bit of shine and is a little stiff, has sort of rustling sound. Would taffeta make sense?
  4. Vinclothes

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  5. Kathy Griffin

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    Thank you Marian. I guess I did identify the fabric then by using your source here. Still not always so great at it :). Learned something new too, regarding use of the side hooks and snaps
    Love this site and thank you so much for your time in helping me. I am digging out inventory to move things out so will most likely be back.
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  7. Kathy Griffin

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    Oh my goodness. Quite similar! Thanks for sharing

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