Help dating/tag mystery on YSL Sport Coat

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    I am brand new here and I'm seeking some expertise on dating/identifying this amazing emerald green velvet Yves Saint Laurent blazer/sport coat! I have had it authenticated but i am still trying to get to the bottom of the following:
    • What year is this from? (I believe it's 1970's based on the label)
    • What is up with the FashionBar label? (I assume it was sold at the old Fashion Bar department store?)
    • How much is this piece worth? I haven't found anything just like it.
    Any input or suggestions would be so amazing and appreciated!

    Thank you!!

    21273390_1559467997408853_2237768659501219096_o.jpg 21150348_1554638921225094_8364365132308033154_n.jpg 21105958_1554638917891761_3407773712493564955_n.jpg 21105942_1554638874558432_7950317769726196163_n.jpg 21105883_1554638884558431_449229496180075049_n.jpg 21105824_1554638881225098_4989522138725154181_n.jpg 21078390_1554638877891765_6625328648556890921_n.jpg

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