Help dating the most glorious green ruffle dress

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  1. Olivia Smith

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    I can’t remember what pinked seams mean but these are definitely pinked. Any idea of the year?
    FC416B56-F744-43A5-B82D-F2718C0AEBE8.jpeg 8F02DAFF-36C8-4CF0-B6F4-337A6451148C.jpeg 8D6DE506-119D-4FA3-AAA8-BEE384977BFC.jpeg B807A4C1-9C3E-424E-9000-4DF9A728B6DB.jpeg D349CFEC-648E-4F72-BCB7-F050F003A36F.jpeg
  2. Linn

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    Is the zipper metal or nylon? The dress looks late '60's to me.
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