Help dating these fur trimmed jackets (and fur type?)

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  1. TeamSparkleVintage

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    Hi everyone! I've been going through some of my older inventory, getting ready for the Fall & Winter seasons, and came across these two beautiful fur trimmed wool jackets I'd like to list but I'm just not certain of the age-any ideas? Additionally, I'm not certain of the fur used on either-I think the red jacket is trimmed in either sheared mink, sheared beaver or *possibly* mouton, and for the black jacket, I'm thinking it's either fox or maybe coyote? Any input is appreciated, thanks so much in advance!

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  2. SunshineLAGirl

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    Black jacket has fox trim for sure.

    Light blue ILGWU label appears to be pre-1960s.

    Other one, 60s.
  3. themerchantsofvintage

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    Lovely jackets. They both would have had a matching dress or skirt at one time.
    I think they are both 60s - first one early 60s. Its ILGWU label was in use until 1963. The darker jacket later in the 60s and I agree it looks like fox fur trim.

    Look forward to what others think and confirmation from our fur expert.
  4. northstarvintage

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    That black one with the fur hem! Wow!

    And I agree with the dating above but can't help with fur ID.
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  5. Furwise

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    I agree with the dating as well.

    The trim on the black jacket is fox fur as stated.

    The trim on the red jacket is shearling or mouton fur.

    Both are from sheep.

    Shearling is sheared on one side and sueded on the other

    Mouton is also sheared but is processed differently and chemically treated with a water repellent.

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