help dating this purple velvet coat

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  1. blubirdboutique

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    My guess is 1960s with the over-sized collar and hippish vibe, but I haven't really run across shoulder pads in coats from this era so they are throwing me off a bit. There is a National Recovery Board Coat and Suit IGG label.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

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  2. denisebrain

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    Love that purple velvet! It looks older than 60s to me, like late 40s to early 50s. At least the shoulders, high up buttons, largish pointed collar and flaring shape all work for that era. I think I see how the cuffs have a line to indicate they had been turned up to become 3/4-length.
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  3. blubirdboutique

    blubirdboutique Registered Guest

    Thank you! I did see a 40's influence but it's an unusual piece for me. The cuffs are very long!
  4. blubirdboutique

    blubirdboutique Registered Guest

    Thank you!
  5. Robin of Frocksley

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  6. pastperfect2

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    I have seen that label into the 1950s as well. I agree with a 40s - 50s range. Beautiful coat!
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  7. thespectrum

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    So do I. And I also agree that it's beautiful.

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