Help Dating Townley Coat - 1940s?

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  1. Jennifer Kietzman

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    I believe this coat dates to the 1940s but am not sure. I’m hoping to hear your thoughts on this.

    The coat has lightly padded shoulders, an ermine collar that can be worn open or clasped at the neck, a wide waistband, front hip pleats, notched and turned back cuffs, and a gorgeous pleated back. It is 46 inches long, and, in addition to a black satin lining, also has a padded muslin lining.

    I’ve seen Townley coats with a similar label online from the 40s to the 60s, so the label isn’t particularly helpful in terms of nailing down the date of the coat.

    Many thanks for your assistance!


    front.jpg back.jpg label.jpg side view.jpg
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  2. Jonathan

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    I am 99% sure that all Townley labels from 1941 to 1958 had Claire McCardell's name on them as well, so this would be post McCardell, after she left in 1958 - perhaps the fall/winter 58/59 line?
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  3. Jennifer Kietzman

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    Right right, the Townley/McCardell connection dawned on me after I made the posting, but I wasn't aware of the date range of that collaboration. Thank you! I love the narrowing of the birth date.
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    It’s a gorgeous coat!
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  5. Jennifer Kietzman

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