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    Hello - this dress was in a cedar chest with a bunch of 1920s items. However, I can't figure out the dating. It doesn't have any hand stitching all all and it has two snaps inside that seem like hanger assists (is that what they are called??) but no string with the other snap. Also the bottom was cut at one point. Perhaps 60s? It could have been thrown in the chest at a later date perhaps? Seems a weird mix. Any thoughts?

    67188611_10157518653276543_6094711979191042048_n (1).jpg fr_3821_size880.jpg fr_3822_size880.jpg
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    Looks original 20s to me. Possibly early 30s, hard to determine as it has been cut. Very nice, probably silk but could be rayon / silk mix velvet
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    Thanks! I guess I am thrown off that there isn't any hand stitching/rolling of the fabric. I usually expect to see that. Do you think it was very long originally? I'm trying to figure out how to fix that raw edge - maybe it needs to be hand-rolled and stitched too? I'm guessing it was worn with some kind of slip? Did the 60s mimic the 20s with this straight style cut? Except more of a mini dress length?
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    That sheer top to the bodice was typical of late 20s and early 30s dresses, which often had boleros or short capelets to go over the dress. It was not meant to show (I am pretty sure).

    I am sure there are exceptions, but the Devore' or burn out velvet was not used in the 1960s unless perhaps this was made in the 1960s or early 70s from an older garment. That was a popular thing to do with some hippie women who wore a lot of antique clothing and often remodeled a lot of it.

    I still think it is older vintage. I love it. Yummy!
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    Thank you :) I love it too! It's a bigger size so I might have to keep it!
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    Thank you!

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