Help Demystifying the Mystery Hat!

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    Hi all!
    I'm back for more of your expertise! I recently purchased a really nifty & pretty unique looking hat and would so appreciate any ideas and or tips on figuring out when, where, and possibly who might have created this gem. There are no tags of super obvious identifiers (at least to my newbie eye) but it feels like it could be from somewhere in the 40's era (maybe earlier‍♀️). Again, I really have no clue and am looking to you magical people for some keen advice❤️
    Thanks so much for your help❤️ 0505ECE9-7980-4F81-B33A-38ED41E82463.jpeg CE1317A9-F219-4670-AAE0-43CD22DC9BE1.jpeg 7E4EE60F-CC98-4FA3-B4C3-C673F274AFD0.jpeg A0E09B72-9968-4559-8DAB-AAED00C886D6.jpeg
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    Agree, 1950s, the earlier part of the decade. There is really no way to tell where and who made it.

    Very pretty!
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