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    D5F5EECE-A4E9-4587-8766-3B3A3015B8F6.jpeg 13FC2C89-0873-48AB-9E00-F365CC07DD77.jpeg 8D0BB6DB-7150-4746-AF74-A6EDEE3C6796.jpeg 412CA7AF-0A43-4FB4-9BC2-5D3C50E2F0EA.jpeg Hello- I found a fabulous royal blue wool waist coat with a zip off cape. The label is missing and I’m trying to date and identify. Any feedback would be helpful! Thanks so much!!
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    I second the 80s dating. Love the color!
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    Thank you so much!!!
  5. gmt1026

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    Thank you!!
    thank you!!
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