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  1. Dusty Butterfly

    Dusty Butterfly Registered Guest

    I'm no fur expert but I'm guessing pastel mink...? Wondering if anyone could confirm that or tell me what it might be? Thanks ;)

    front close.jpg front.jpg
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  2. Furwise

    Furwise Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there,

    I can't tell for certain but that looks a little bit lighter than pastel mink. It could be though, just not totally convinced on the color. It is mink and leather. I like that collar.
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  3. Dusty Butterfly

    Dusty Butterfly Registered Guest

    It's a little darker/yellower in person, more of a sandy tan with beige undercoat. I did an image search for examples of pastel mink but the colors are all over the place. What color would you say pastel mink is? Taupe, light brown...etc, or lighter? I'm attaching a few edited pics which are closer to the actual color , but still look a bit lighter due to lighting -

    back.jpg label.jpg
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  4. Denise Dougherty

    Denise Dougherty Registered Guest

    IMO it is mink tails which would have been commonly used for less expensive hats and accessories. That is what it looks like to me. Also could be dyed.

    Unfortunately, there are so few furrier shops open these days, it is difficult to find one to ask. If there is one near you, walk the jacket in and ask. That could nail it.

    Good luck.
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