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    Tag says Ramsay's Las Vegas Nevada. It's not sewn in, but pinned. No other tags, but the size tag. I can't find the name of this mfg anywhere. I'm guessing the coat is 1960's. Any help would be appreciated.

    upload_2019-10-10_8-39-36.png upload_2019-10-10_8-39-52.png upload_2019-10-10_8-40-16.png
  2. Lovely coat. No help with the name, but maybe the label is pinned because the lining was replaced?
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    The lining is intact, real taffeta, no signs of replacement or repair. I wonder if the label is even the true mfg. Thanks so much for your response.
  4. Hard to say, but I did find a fur stole for sale with the same name in the same font as yours with “quality since 1890”.
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