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    Hello , This Vintage Fashion Guild Forum is very informative and educational. I am a reader of this forum and it is full of wonderful people and experts.
    My wife got this long coat from my aunt. My aunt got that as a gift from a Japanese friend few years back. The coat is dark brown /walnut /brunette color and the outer surface feels like suede. The inner surface got a furry layer which I think is sheepskin shearling, each hair is about 1cm long. In the collar area it got some long fur. The fur is chocolate in color and about 1- 1.25 inch long. It is very plush to touch. Feels very soft and smooth. The leather surface where the fur is attached, I examined. The fur is directly attached to the surface and there is no net/cloth like structure. Each hair individually is very thin and somewhat singed like in appearance .
    I could find only one label there attached to the underside of right pocket. Maybe there were some more labels which went missing now. There is only one tag saying Made in Spain. No more hangtags and nothing written on the buttons. The size says 40. I attached some photos for better understanding.
    Can you please help me to know some more about this long coat? Is it real fur or faux? If real then what possibly the animal can be? Is it shearling sheepskin suede? Who could be the probable maker of this garment? What's the handwriting says in the label?
    I will be very glad if you please help me regarding this. Without your help it is impossible for me. Thanks and regards in advance.
    (My sincere Thanks and gratitude to Furwise Caryn McGregor for her kind help and allowing me to post here)

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    I think Caryn might be able to help you with this one ;)
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    Hi Arunava,

    I think I may have told you that the body of this was shearling via email. Looking at the collar at an angle actually made it look like possum but looking at it again I can see that the collar is sheepskin too.
    So, the body of the coat is shearling which is still sheepskin but is sheared on one side and sueded on the other and the collar is sheepskin with the wool fibers being natural in length.

    The label with the writing on it is really just a basic label that would state the item specifics. The German word Farbe for example would equate to the color in Spain. The writing on there could be anything from the owner's name to just another word on that helped whomever had it keep track of what it was.
    Other than that and where it was made there is no indication who the garment itself may have been made or designed by or who it was sold by.
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    Hello Caryn, thanks for your reply . The fur in the collar didn't seem like sheepskin to me. Sheepskin wool is more dense, coarse and somewhat cluster in appearance . But here in the collar, the fur is much finer and each hair is thinner and individual in appearance. Somewhat singed like. Not sure what it maybe, but they just don't seem like sheepskin wool to me.
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    You're welcome. Sheepskin can feel course depending on the age however sheepskin does usually feel soft. The fur though should feel dense and it appears that way too.

    As I first viewed it as I had told you via email it looked like possum but when viewing the close ups it just really does not appear that way. I am only seeing the collar in full view in a diagonal view which makes it more difficult for me to identify it with certainty but based on what you have shared I don't believe I would be able to without handling it in person.
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