Help with a Vintage Chanel Bag (1986-1988)

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    I need some help on this Chanel Bag. I know it's from 1986-1988 due to the serial number. I believe it is a Classic Chanel Small Flap Bag but I am unsure if that would be the correct title for the bag. Did Chanel produce bags in the late 80s in dark green? That's what this bags color seems to be, not black and I just need help confirming the color.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    Things I have already researched:
    • 1986-1988 due to 6 number serial code
    • Lambskin leather
    • Classic interwoven (no stitch) leather chain
    • 10 stitch per 1 inch of quilt style
    • Burgundy Lining
    • Karl Lagerfeld design
    • CC overlap is correct inside and on hardware
    • CC stamp located on bottom left C on hardware
    • The width of the C hardware matches the width of the horizontal gap of CC
    • Chanel inner label color matches hardware
    • Lower stripe on inner E is longer than top stripe
    • 24K gold snap (possibly, due to vintage)

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