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    I think this handbag/bag is 80s or maybe late 70s. I have no real way of telling except instinct as I can't find anything similar online and there is no tag. Possibly there are similar things online to find, but I am clearly not using the correct search terms.

    It is plastic, feels like PVC. Handles are kinda like faux bamboo. Sides are hard with the PVC lining it, so maybe stiff cardboard or a plastic board on the inside. Colours in photos are accurate. 20200320_185416.jpg 20200320_185423.jpg 20200320_185430.jpg 20200320_185438.jpg 20200320_185452.jpg 20200320_185457.jpg 20200320_185501.jpg 20200320_185717.jpg

    Any help with dating would be much appreciated!

    Yours gratefully,
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    I think it's as Mary Jane said. Probably made in Hong Kong in the late 60s or 70s. Fun with the horses!
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    It's definitely just the right size for knitting needles! Thanks for the idea. And thank you for the help with the dating :)
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    Thank you so much for the help with the dating! It really is so fun :).
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