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Help with Tony Lama boots

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Shminx, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Shminx

    Shminx Registered Guest


    I desperately need help dating/assigning value to these boots. They're authentic Tony Lamas and they are in great shape. I've seen some listed at over $300 but I'm just not sure what I have. I have more pics if needed. Any help is appreciated!

  2. Elsewhere

    Elsewhere VFG Member

  3. Shminx

    Shminx Registered Guest

  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    They are great looking boots - I suspect late 70s or early 80s judging by the heel shape. Value-wise I can't help really - condition and size play a huge part in their resale vlue and it looks like there might be some weakness between the scales on the vamp. Ideally, the boots should be reconditioned and ready for wear - they look a bit dry and possibly damaged, so you need to adress those issues for best resale possibilities.
  5. inkedpalm

    inkedpalm Registered Guest

    Those are awesome boots. Looks like python on them. Exotic hides do very well. Ostrich, Stingray and Shark are the biggest sellers. Do they have the black label? Depends on the size too. Common sizes do really well, the narrower ones are a hard sell. Lower heels also get less but with the exotic hide, which btw, I do not know which these are, you get more. From $100 - on. I think these will do well.
  6. thevintagebungalow

    thevintagebungalow VFG Member

  7. Shminx

    Shminx Registered Guest

    How do I know if they're Black Label? Is it something obvious like the logo on the inner boot being black? Also, I've been trying to identify the type of skin used in these boots and so far I've got nothing. I've gone to other boot sites but I can't find anything quite like this. Does anyone know? These are size 8 1/2 D, but I'm not sure what the "D" means.

    Thanks for all of your help!
  8. Shminx

    Shminx Registered Guest

    Oh I just noticed inkedpalm suggested these are python skins. Is that the concensus?
  9. queen0ftheang3ls

    queen0ftheang3ls Registered Guest

    I don't know about what kind of snake skin it is, but I think that the "D" is referring to the width.

    Gorgeous boots, by the way!
  10. joules

    joules VFG Member

    This is an example of the black label that would be especially desirable:
  11. Shminx

    Shminx Registered Guest

    Oh SWEET! I just checked and they have that same label so I guess they are Black Label. I guess the only thing I need to do (aside from taking them to get reconditioned and all that) is to figure out what to list them for. Does anyone know where I could find a resource for this? I've been searching by the style number but I can't find a thing.

    Thanks again for all your help! This is so much fun!
  12. Shminx

    Shminx Registered Guest

    One last thing and I promise I'll stop bothering you all about these! You can see there is a medallion on these boots from the pic up top. The medallion says "Gold Label Boots". Does that have any significance?
  13. inkedpalm

    inkedpalm Registered Guest

    Hi sorry, been busy. I do think these are Python. And yes, they need conditioning at a good boot place. A suggestion when you take the photos is not to do it in the sun. Buyers will shy away, next to water, the sun is killer on exotic boots. Black label...you scored!!! I'm sure after you've had them conditioned they are gonna sell at a very decent price. I'd love to see them after they are all clean and ready to wear.
  14. luvmyfinds

    luvmyfinds Registered Guest

    tony lama boots

    Nice pair of boots! Yes, they are python. I have been selling cowboy boots on ebay for a number of years and I usually start my price at $9.99. I think you will get around $75.00 for them. Smaller sizes are not as popular. Stop at any good shoe repair and buy a bottle of leather conditioner especially for exotic skins. They will clean up beautifully. Good luck!

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