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  1. Tamzzyn

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    Does anyone have any info about Heritage? I purchased a pink gingham summer dress from the early 60s a few weeks ago. The same lady then sold another Heritage dress to me in a similar style - it seems to be from the same collection. I can't find anything online about the label and have not even found any other dresses/items from this label.


    35836890_10157649576889768_2477852201695838208_n.jpg 35840539_10157649628779768_1093704501279326208_n.jpg 37033862_10157711851134768_6780851176733671424_n.jpg 37051013_10157711850929768_7897558419043778560_n.jpg 37075446_10157711801929768_3384314889286713344_n.jpg 36970787_10157711802849768_1792856930037792768_n.jpg
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    I haven't seen the label either... It is so hard to research a vintage label with a name like Heritage! :wacko:

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