Hop To It, 1950s Style! ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of April 24th

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    The well-known (and well-nigh irresistible!) song At the Hop was a number one single for band Danny & the Juniors in 1958. This week, our members encourage you to shake a tail feather in their favorite authentic 1950s clothing and accessories -- especially the fun and youthful styles appropriate for a vintage Sock Hop.

    For the ladies, think full and circle skirts, full-skirted dresses, blouses, sweaters and cardigans, flat shoes--and of course saddle shoes! Accessorize with pearls, scarves, charm bracelets and more. For the guys, sport shirts and trousers, denim, knitwear including sweaters and tees, and of course, fabulous gabardine suits and jackets.

    Last dance chance: 1970s and 1980s items for men and women that are Fifties-inspired are also welcome. Put some records on, and “hop to it” with us!

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    Vintage Rockabilly 50’s Black Cotton Shirtwaist Dress with Applique Domino Print
    Vintage 1950's Morlove Travel Applique Patch Novelty Dress
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    1950s summer dress and jacket pattern Simplicity 2992 B32

    1950s short-sleeved dress pattern McCalls 4527 Junior size B35

    1950s full skirted dress pattern with detachable bow Simplicity 2767 Junior size B31

    1950s dress with portrait collar pattern Simplicity 2910 B32
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    I don't have anything currently in my shop to post, but may I take the liberty of posting my mom's photo from 1959 in her cool letter sweater? I happened to run across it today and so perfect for this parade (she was just graduating high school that year).
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