Hot Town: Summer in the City VFG Fashion Parade for the week of July 15th

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    Hot Town: Summer In The City!

    The sweltering sidewalks of Summer in the city offer little respite from the heat. Uptown, Downtown or Midtown, this week we discover how our members meet the challenge of staying cool while dressing for the office, a day’s shopping or an evening out.
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    Here's a few suggestions you could make to stay cool and look chic for the office...

    1960s suit and sleeveless top pattern Simplicity 3357

    1950s slim shirtwaist dress pattern Ringier g18916

    1940s dress pattern Marian Martin 9218

    1950s shirtwaist dress pattern Ringier g11807

    1970s skirt, blouse, waistcoat and jacket pattern Burda 53333
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    All photos are clickable links:
    On Etsy, this 50s polka dot drop waist dress with full skirt

    An embroidered sheath minidress by L'Aiglon

    At, this XS cotton sundress is New Old Stock

    This DeWeese Sun & Swim sundress has a built-in bra, and a 27-32" waist

    Edited to say, this amazing jumpsuit is now listed in the VFG Shop on Facebook.
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    Kudos to the VFG trade member who did this week's Fashion Parade banner for VFG's home page, incorporating a selection of parade items - fabulous!!
    :clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping: :wow22:
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    Thanks Maggie...I do those banners. :)

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