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How best to repair a tear in rayon/silk velvet?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by themerchantsofvintage, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. I have a small 1/4" tear on the velvet of a late 50s, early 60s cocktail dress. I'm afraid sewing will leave marks. Would a patch at the back (iron on?) work - or is sewing the way to go?

  2. listitcafe

    listitcafe Registered Guest

    Patches dont look so nice. I think just sewing it shut may be the best way.

  3. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Alumni +

    It's velvet, so you don't want to iron it at all.

    What can work if there is no missing fabric, but just a slit :

    Get matching thread color - ( most important!) and from the back, very carefully stitch across the back of the slit. Just pick up a thread or two of the weave. Don't pull too tight. Catch just the back of the velvet, not any of the pile and gently pull the edges of the slit back together so it lays flat. If is a small slit, the pile will be your friend and cover on the fabric face. But if there is any pile or fabric missing or frayed it will still show.

    This also is least noticeable on dark velvets that suck up the light.

  4. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing VFG Board Member

    This technique works well on angora.cashmere knits as well :USETHUMBUP:
  5. Thanks everyone!

    And thanks for the step by step instructions, Hollis!
  6. TangerineBoutique

    TangerineBoutique VFG Member

    Hollis nailed it and here is another tip. Instead of using the full thickness of thread I often split it in two and unwind it so I am using a very thin strand which does not show as much. I have to hold the end in my teeth and pull apart the thread with my hands. I then use the finest needle (usually a beading needle) I have been able to mend the finest fabrics without being able to see the mend this way. Always a light touch as Hollis said. Not all thread will split for you you need to use a good mercerized cotton. Silk thread can be very thin but is awfully slippery and has a sheen so it sometimes shows.
    Best of luck
  7. Thanks Melody! For another project I have to buy a beading needle; so I will make sure I get mercerized cotton thread as well and try your trick.

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