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How is Kenzo doing?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by Jonathan, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    Is there anybody out there collecting Kenzo from the 80s? Or should I just put this away for a decade?
    <img src=http://home.cogeco.ca/~fitsaboy/439a.jpg>

    <img src=http://home.cogeco.ca/~fitsaboy/439b.jpg>
    <img src=http://home.cogeco.ca/~fitsaboy/439c.jpg>
  2. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    I don't know, but we need that label on the resource!

  3. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    I like it belted I can see this with a new pair of esparadiles ( which are supposed to be hot this season)

    Oh and I haven't ever had anything to know how hes doing.
  4. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    I also like it best with the belt. Without the belt, I would say catbox it - with the belt it is rather a cute summer dress. Have you done a search on completed items to see how he is doing?

  5. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    The belt doesn't go with it, so I was thinking about showing it with and without the belt, so that buyers could see what it could be like, and also what they are getting... As for looking to see how it ends... I am essentially a lazy person and was hoping someone would know...lol
  6. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Well, I wish Ebay had more of a history on their completed items than two weeks. There are two items in vintage...
    and only one sold for around $15.00.

    Regular clothing has more, but sales aren't exactly
    setting records.

  7. schoolsgirl

    schoolsgirl Registered Guest

    if you decide to list you may wish to use 'salsa' 'gypsy' 'ethnic',
    would look great with a chain belt

    I see Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones :)
  8. camelbackcat

    camelbackcat Trade Member

    Harmonious convergence! I have a Kenzo that is very similar...except mine is a peasant type blouse and three tiered skirt. Mine is a mellow yellow. I'm so glad you asked about Kenzo as I wondered whether there was any following for Kenzo's work. Mine has been catboxed so long that I'd have a heck of a time finding it!
  9. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    Lizzie, no problem with the label BTW... I am pulling together a file of labels for the next update.
  10. Beehive Vintage Goods

    Beehive Vintage Goods Trade Member

    You could always go the Cinqo de Mayo (May 5th Mexican celebration) angle on this. Has that saucy ethnic vibe going for it. Put a flower in your hair add some hot stilettos and you are set!!

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