How to clean an Indian gauze dress

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    Hello vintage lovers!

    I have a 1970's Indian cotton dress with a large yellow stain on one shoulder and was hoping someone may have some advice on the safest method of stain removal. The fabric is delicate gauze and has gold painted highlights.

    I was wondering whether anyone knows if these dresses are colourfast and if it is safe to soak it in an Oxyclean solution? Any advice/cleaning tips would be greatly appreciated :)

    Many thanks
  2. Retro Ruth

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    They are often not colourfast. The general care advice, when given, is usually, "hand wash in cold water. "

    So probably washable, gently in cold water, but I'd be wary of oxyclean
  3. Bowerbird

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    Thank you Ruth, that is good advice.
    I think you may be right about not using the oxyclean, I will proceed with caution!
  4. Retro Ruth

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    Some people recommend washing in distilled or de-ionised water (such as you use for irons) for stain removal on delicate washable fabrics, something about how because all the minerals have been removed from the water, it will somehow take on the minerals from the stain. It might be worth a try.
  5. Bowerbird

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    That’s really interesting Ruth, I haven’t heard of that before. I might have to give it a try ... thank you!
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