How to wash thick wool? Also what to do with itchy wool?

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  1. Spartcom5

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    Picked up a cardigan similar to this one. Very nice, mine is dark green and blue. Due to my troubles cleaning small wool scarves I feel like I need to take this one to the dry cleaners? I can imagine washing a thick wool cardigan would be difficult? Would this be a good idea? The cardigan I have is amazingly very form fitting for me and I fear hand washing will mess that up, even if it is very slightly...[​IMG]
    Finally, I am having trouble with a particular scarf of mine. It is from the 70s and is 100 cashmere. I had it dry cleaned awhile ago and after I got it back it was itchy as heck. I hand washed it but it is still itchy... would pressing with an iron help at all? What should I do?? Thanks for any info on these situations!!
  2. Midge

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    If it were mine, I would wash the cardigan by hand with Eucalan, which does not need any rinsing, then wrap it up in a big towel to get most of the water out, lay it flat nicely to dry.
  3. Spartcom5

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    Wow.... Eucalan seems too good to be true! Sounds awesome. I have some questions: How's the cleansing properties of it, say an item is old and musty will it make it like new? I just soak and dry...? How long of a soak? How much do I use? Can I use it with a wool/silk blend? Safe on metal buttons (I assume it is)?

    Thanks for the suggestion! Looks like exactly what I need.
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  4. The Vintage Vendeuse

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    I'm a fan of Eucalan, too. I've used it successfully on vintage cashmere sweaters, antique Kashmir shawls, heavy woolen hunting coats, etc.
  5. EndlessAlley

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    Another fan of Eucalan here. :USETHUMBUP:
  6. mags_rags

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    Regarding the itchy cashmere scarf, my understanding from several sources over the years is that hand washing, followed by use of a high quality hair conditioner, will help a lot. I've also seen recommendations for a white vinegar soak prior to the washing. I don't have personal experience with either approach but they both seem intuitively sensible.

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