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I found this many years ago and stashed it away.

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by jsyorkies, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. jsyorkies

    jsyorkies Registered Guest

    FDD92D65-5FED-4F7C-88BB-4D12FE7B6DD8.jpeg 71373B4D-A84E-4B02-B883-2BEC3C1AEC1B.jpeg 565FBFEF-7342-4ADE-ABD2-102A990DCF9C.jpeg A597CC60-A8C3-46C6-9A48-FD63BBAF9E60.jpeg F1638FCF-D007-47EE-AB0B-7360E06E3E75.jpeg 2B646035-8D23-46DD-A800-9C36E5A73731.jpeg Can you tell me more about this jump suit ? I don’t know how to load a pic says to large? Tag reads made in Hong Kong British crown colonyIn many cases, the only way to get through this stage and to overcome the overwhelming amount of anger a daughter is experiencing is to forgive whoever or whatever she is angry with. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what that person did was ok, but it releases the hold that person has over the daughter and it allows the daughter to let go of the bitterness towards others that’s wounding her.
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  2. Are you attempting to load the photo directly from your phone? The photo will need to be smaller. If you don't have an app for that, you can email yourself the photo. During that process, you will be asked what size you want the photo be be. Select medium or large (not original size). Then go to the emailed photo you received, open the photo, and save it in that new size. You should then be able to post the photo here.
    Looking forward to seeing the jumpsuit!
  3. jsyorkies

    jsyorkies Registered Guest

    Thank you Donna
  4. mags_rags

    mags_rags VFG Member

    Hong Kong was a British colony until the late 1990s, so we know it has to be earlier than that.It looks 1970s to me, possibly early 80s.The brocade fabric looks quite rich and elegant.

    Inanimate objects can definitely bring back a flood of emotions about the person who owned it before us and passed it along - sometimes positive, sometimes not so much.

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