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I need Fashion Advice!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by Patentleathershoes, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. I just found out that it is very possible this January my husband and I could be going to a pretty ritzy event. Well, the scoop is, the invite is open, we just have to figure out our schedules. I immediately thought "oh no, what i am going to wear!"

    It's a charity preview event for an international auto show...it will be televised locally in a major market and a lot of celebrities...both local and definitely more widely known will be there. My dad is a state director for one of the main chairities that will benefit by the event (I decided i don't think he'll ever retire at this point :) I may be also be assisting with some production aspect, but even if i don't, i will be going and need to look more than presentable.

    So in otherwords, I want to look REALLY freaking fantastic. It's black tie, and there will be ladies in black suits (and i am not opposed to pants), but there will also be a lot of red carpet style dresses too. I do have a beaded sleeveless black top and a long black skirt with embroidery down the backthat is tastefully elegant, but i have worn that to everything and i need a different idea.
    But i have to be able to be on my feet and walk around to.

    I am not quite ready (mentally)to buy something this second, but wanted to start thinking about it and ask my fellow/sister vintage fashionistas about different styles and silhouettes so I won't make any huge mistakes this time around and get something that i fall in love with and is just horrendous.

    I also want to get something that suits me where i don't have to do major alterations, so would need something that would be okay for a shortwaisted person. hemming, etc i can handle but no major redo-s

    So I have taken some photos (and credited the seller if i bought it from someone on the internet!) SO EXCUSE the Not era correct 80s shoes! They are patent leather, of course, though.

    Okay, none of this is fancy enough, but am showing just because it is a variety of silhouettes and measurements so you guys can help me think of what i should be looking for that I might not realize suits me. Era wise/shape/features, etc...

    This one i got from Tori (flashbak58) it measures 36" / 26 wais . 50s. It fits, i can breathe, but if i was another cm bigger up top, it wouldn't fit me. pretty darn near perfect sihouette wise i think because i look balanced from the side or the front. I CAN handle a big crinoline proportionwise, i am not wearing one here......but on the other hand I cannot knock people over when i walk with anything huge either .


    Okay...another 36. from Stacey (heavensent)(hellbent) a vc-mall purchase. 1940s Wrap front top, 26" waist any smaller or bigger and it just would not work. doesn't go with the gabardine skirt but who cares.

    A side-ish view. if i could get a dress with a wrapped bodice like this or some type of V neck probably would work and i think the pattern idea works too to break things up....but probably won't find anything like that with a pattern.

    This is also from Stacey. so 40s suits/jackets i like ...but its just not right for the event. I am not opposed to a suit idea. I had a fitted peplum suit once that i adored but it was a cheap 90s doing 40s thing and it is no longer.


    This is 37" in the bust....38" hip i forget the waist but its bigger 27/28...more or less wiggle style?...purchased from Tiffany (piny a-go-go) please correct me if i didn't get the hyphenation right). Not quite fancy enough for this event, but showing the shape (cool sheen on the fabric.) I have to be careful with necklines and shoulders....this one i can wear, but a lot of dresses that are simple lines like that make me look a little matronly.


    So does anyone have any suggestions about features on a dress or styles etc...that I should be looking for that i just can't think of?

    Being short and all that doesn't always let you wear what in your mind you want to...and it helps to get opinions when i am looking to buy things i won't get to try on ahead of time.
    I do want to find something vintage if i can. And i will consider the LBD, but the same theory applies...

  2. dibs2002

    dibs2002 Registered Guest

  3. dibs2002

    dibs2002 Registered Guest

    I really like that red dress on you, esp since you said it was a glitzy event, that is more dressy that the other outfits.
  4. LOL Deb

    I am actually exactly 5 feet tall. I consider that short.

    So in theory Deb, if i got that necklace, i could wear jeans and a slightly vneck t-shirt, and nobody would notice i showed up in jeans, right?

    I always buy accessories and then they don't work with the outfit i end up getting...that is my vice!

    That IS gorgeous, though, no doubt about that!
  5. That is pink/coral and its cotton. and it will be january and up north. I will freeze to death. And i am wearing none of it, just looking for silhouette ideas :) I do love that one though, just not for this event.
  6. You look great, Chris!!

    Being another fellow shortie, I sometime think that a fitted waist can shorten you. I like a long flowing look like the blue print dress. Did you see my 80s Bill Blass with leopard trim? No bids , got to relist. Also, that black 60s wool blend dress with the rhinestone baubles on the ties.

    Maybe try a long sheath type dress, very bombshell like.
  7. dibs2002

    dibs2002 Registered Guest

    Oh. I am 5'8".

    Ok then, maybe the blue dress line, like Linda said it is flowing. I also like the suit on you - but I love suits.

    Wear heels. Come on, a pair of 6" stilettos and you'll be average height!

  8. listitcafe

    listitcafe Registered Guest

    A simple vintage black sleeveless cocktail, dress will look fabo on you.... (You have the coloring for it and figure) I think it would be more appropriate then what you are showing.... And something simple will be bring focus to you not the dress....
    No skirt and top will make you look more short waisted.... A simple streamlined dress will make you look more long waisted.....

  9. Vintagetrend

    Vintagetrend Registered Guest

    I agree with Chris, the beaded fringe sheath on the "Holiday dresses" thread would look fabulous on you with some black stockings, 60's Sabrina heels and a black rhinestone covered clutch. You said it will be wintery when you attend... If it is a gala that a fur would not be politically correct or if you dont wear fur a black velvet capelette would be a nice topper with perhaps a large head turning rhinestone brooch...
    Like Deb, I am totally partial to suits but think this gala deserves graceful elegance :)

  10. I think you need a bit of glitz...more bling, bling...dahling!!

    My fringed dress is gorgeous but VERY heavy with all those beads!!
  11. Vintagetrend

    Vintagetrend Registered Guest

    Here are a few ideas that I think may look good on you and are not "the usual" black tie type styles but would definatley work in my mind...
    <img src="http://images.channeladvisor.com/Sell/SSProfiles/30056787/Images/velvetmontald1.JPG">
    A simple skirt with a jazzed up velvet or silk jacket, fabulous handbag and you are ready!
    <img src="http://images.channeladvisor.com/Sell/SSProfiles/30056787/Images/rhinestonecap1.JPG">
    This is type of capelett I was talking about to dress up a shift dress, not too hot to keep on while you are inside but not "cape" looking
    <img src="http://images.channeladvisor.com/Sell/SSProfiles/30056787/Images/hugeflowerB3.JPG">
    You can also do something that is almost casual but perhaps in cashmere or silk and then add a huge rhinestone brooch in an unexpected place
    <img src="http://images.channeladvisor.com/Sell/SSProfiles/30056787/Images/janechiffon1.JPG">
    These 60s Babydoll dresses give a longer waist illusion and can be very evening oriented and chic
    <img src="http://images.channeladvisor.com/Sell/SSProfiles/30056787/Images/minkcollarsuit1.JPG">
    If you really want a suit, this kind of a brocade is quite dressy and add the mink collar and you could wear it to a fancy gala easily :)
  12. A simple vintage black sleeveless cocktail, dress will look fabo on you...

    Yeah, but finding the right one is not always easy...and i have been looking by trial and error.

    I did see that fringed dress Bonnie and i think its gorgeous.
    The only thing i am worried about on a dress like that is -- I can't really tell if the beaded fringe would sort of hide the bust and make it look smaller, or really draw attention to it and make it look bigger than it already is. It looks spectacular on your manni, but I would have to be careful at exactly where the fringe hit me as well.
  13. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    I like all the things you have on, they really suit you. But being a purist, all I see missing are accessories. The red dress is great for your figure, but it seems a bit too summery by the bbq looking for a black tie event, although a silk shawl and killer heels maybe in gold would pump it up. The suit would look fabulous with yellow gloves and a big honking rhinestone brooch and the last dress with maybe a hat and clutch purse? Accessories really take vintage into black tie so well.

    I was trying to think who you reminded me of... I know now! Juliette Binoche!
  14. I also like that long sheath dress look that you are showing Michelle...(but a matter of still finding one that would fit!)
    i love velvet jackets, et al. That might also be an easy way to go, but its still a matter of finding a dress to start with. I am a junkie on different jackets, etc,.. i ended up wearing a lot with jeans....and find that i never find the main piece! I never find that basic black dress to go under it, etc.! story of my life.

    I do have a sleeveless dress that had a collar that looks like a tuxedo jacket, but it was one of those things that was really too big for me and i pinned it to make it fit, and in retrospect, i shouldn't have done that.
  15. I like all the things you have on, they really suit you. But being a purist, all I see missing are accessories

    My aim was to try and show thigns that suited me to get people's minds working to eliminate things i could only dream of wearing. If i am not thinking about how it would actually look on me, i am a danger to myself and either choose the very mod or the extremely man tailored. the man tailored is not bad on me, but not always apropriate and for the very mod...miniskirts suit me, but shift silhouettes make me look at least 7 months pregnant and at best looks like i am wearing ill fitting clothes and ditto empire waists and all that. Its a big shame.

    And if i started on accessories, this would be next week already because my mod belt collection just keeps growing and so do my handbags. Those types of things just keep germinating and spreading all over the place here.
  16. I was trying to think who you reminded me of... I know now! Juliette Binoche!

    You know, bizarrely enough, someone I used to work with told me that. I have also had someone tell me that something about me reminded them of Holly Hunter.
  17. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    I see Juliette Binoche too! Chris you look taller than 5 ft in the pics.

    I love that first one that Michelle is showing.....yowsa, and I think the line would be 'lengthening'.

  18. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    (ooh Chris, you beat me to that wrap top of Staceys! I was eyeing that up when she listed it! My fault for being indecisive... grr)

    Looks fabbo, by the way, I can't deny it! Maybe accessorized, with a flow-y layered silk skirt would be a good evening option?
  19. Sue...technically you are right. I am taller...whole 5' 2.5" in those pictures because of the two and a half inch high heels. when i take them off i revert back to normal. I should really wear platforms all the time instead, then. I think i look taller because i have been careful with horizontal stripes or anything too baggy or too flouncy. If you see me in a baggy sweater you would think i was 4 feet tall.

    Sorry Lin, I just had to have it. It was calling my name too, but I was just a little bit quicker. :) I love the mall stores...no waiting to see if you won or not.

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