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I think I'll keep him!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by Patentleathershoes, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. I think I\'ll keep him!

    I went on a mass stock aquiring spree today. I am so tired i can't even think.

    I can't wait to show you guys a couple of things I got. No Ceils. No Puccis, but a couple neat things. In my opinion the biggest thrill to find was an authentic US Coast Guard Issue Pea Coat. (i just looove pea coats!)

    My husband decided that he was going to go and "shop for me" and pick out a few things to see how he does. I said to myself "uh oh...i can hardly wait." so i waited in the car.

    he "bought me" the most outrageous grandpa sansabelt pants....."there will be a young kid out there who will like these!!!" oh my you have got to see to believe... (we had a good laugh but that is kinda the type of item i was expecting). (don't worry...there will be pics...LOL)

    but.......also...in the other hand held a 3 piece Yves St. Laurent suit for Barney's New York with the inner pockets still sewn shut. Needless to say i was pleasantly surprised!

    How does that old commercial go..

    "My husband ...I think I'll keep him!"

    (i think the commercial was actually wife..but same idea!)

    I think i have created a monster.

  2. bigchief

    bigchief Alumni

    I think that's great Chris - your DH sounds very D indeed! As for the grandpa pants - hey, it's the thought that counts! Please post a pic of them - modeled by him that found 'em!


  3. Hey, that's cool. My DH has never bought vintage clothing but he did walk in from an auction several years ago with the most gorgeous 1940s table lamp and a wicker armoire.

    Yes!! We need to see a pic of those pants modeled by your sweet DH!
  4. there is such a mega sized rise on those its funny! 44 waist too. If nothing else there is another label for the resource. Even though he bought them as a big joke on me, he does sincerely seem to think some kid will buy them and get a kick out of them. and they are multi!

    His last two "picks" were a black 80s blazer with crystal safety pins all over it that DID sell (which i thought it would back in the spring when people were doing 80s and it did), which he was much more sincere about than the pants, but he did reminds me of that when he presented the pants. and then he bought me a swan tv lamp that we ended up keeping for our house. that was the second one.
  5. I always send dh into the men's department to search there for me as I find it quite boring with 1,000 of t-shirts and jeans. He knows good shearling, Coogi and ties and to look in uniforms to odd things. He noticed I bookmarked the rodeo clown pants and had a good laugh over those. Hopefully he committed those to memory!!

    Good job for your dh Chris...he's a keeper!!
  6. He did find a shirt for me (personally) that was mistakenly in the men's section.

    He really does have a good eye though, even though i am poking fun at him. he bought me a couple suits at regular stores back when i wore em all the time, and he not only got the size right, but was picking out sihouettes that would flatter me too. for birthdays for a few years in a row i always got a suit. And they didn't look like anything i had, so it wasn't like he was just buying me similar to what i always wore.

    I have to clean the house in the worst say today, but later i promise to post a pic of those pants. It is easter colors :) hee hee
  7. you know...the funny thing is that every time i go out or go to an estate..there is always one thing that i pick out that is a bit outrageous. the funny thing is the outrageous things sell to rave reviews from the new owner. I love it when someone finds something that is so unique that they MUST have it LOL. I am going to get my pics out of my peach pouf 80s nightmare that went to an institution. I love picking up timeless, elegant items, but the items that one gets on a dare end up being the most fun sometimes.
  8. dibs2002

    dibs2002 Registered Guest

    I love pea coats too Chris! You'll have your hubby trained in no time. Mine used to scour the jeans racks looking for that big E, but never found one.

  9. marlyandmorry

    marlyandmorry Registered Guest

    I cringe when Manny says he bought something vinty for me....I love him to death but his taste is rather horrid....He has done pretty good at buying men's things....Vinty ladies clothing is not his forte and he now knows to ask me to have a look before doling out the $$$$....

    Psstt...I think Manny might also be a bit color blind....

  10. Nanc, that could be your selling "gimmick"...the picks of a colorblind husband,....

    If you look at the thread called Men,Men,Men in Q&A you will see a glimpse of a suit he picked...more pics later.

    Deb, if you told someone in New England to look for the big E, they would think you were talking about the state fair (called The Big "E") :)

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