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I want to feature this but.....what do I do!!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by b*a*vintagequeen, May 8, 2004.

  1. b*a*vintagequeen

    b*a*vintagequeen Registered Guest

    OK hold on to your hats...this one is GORGEOUS!!!!

    <img src=http://images.andale.com/f2/124/110/5869462/1083334358572_wow1.JPG>

    I have never had a featured auction and really want to but look...see those black marks under the belt area

    <img src=http://images.andale.com/f2/124/110/5869462/1081988639709_wow5.JPG>

    The belt was laying on the dress and some of the backing stuck to the fabric..I did not try and remove it, but with the colors and the way the dress lays it is not something that really sticks out...what do you think?

    On and did I mention it is a HALTER!!

    <img src=http://images.andale.com/f2/124/110/5869462/1083531041032_wow4.JPG>

    And look at the fabric, it is embossed with roses all over it.

    <img src=http://images.andale.com/f2/124/110/5869462/1085802868198_wow6.JPG>

    and of course it is NOS!

    <img src=http://images.andale.com/f2/124/110/5869462/1085730500864_wow7.JPG>

    So what do I do, try and remove the black marks, leave it alone, feature it??!?!?
  2. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest


    Susan, that is a knockout dress! I think, unless someone comes along that has a remedy to get rid of the
    belt residue, I would leave the marks and just make mention of the fact that because the dress is NOS, you have not
    attempted to clean it. Maybe even mention (if someone
    tells you how to get rid of the marks) how the lucky purchaser can go about doing it.

    And, yes, I would feature this! It has so much going for it!
    Love it!

  3. b*a*vintagequeen

    b*a*vintagequeen Registered Guest


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