Identifying Furs x4 pieces - help please!!

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    After so many weeks of reading and researching (including the fur resources here), I'm desperate to find out or confirm what these furs are so I am hoping someone with the skill and a keen eye could help me deduce these 4 pieces I have recently inherited. I took photos of from the back so you can see the shape of each pelt.
    I've done the fur test on all of these coats and can confirm leather lining.

    Sorry for the white flying specs in the photos - please let me know if I need to take any other photos closer up or from a different angle.

    ABOVE (A) : Softest of all the 4 pieces

    ABOVE (B): Next softest in the line.

    ABOVE (C): this fur is not as soft as A and B. Very shiny and thin long pelts.

    ABOVE (D) : was told this was mink however it's not as soft as A and B. Guard hairs are visibly and much longer than fur. This has also been sewed into a cape fashion with an Asian rough pattern lining.

    I'll appreciate all feedback!!!
    Thank you!
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    Hi there,

    A. I can't tell for certain but the pelts look like the size of rabbit and the description of the texture sounds soft like rabbit too.

    B. Kit, gray, or swift fox.

    C. I can't quite tell on that one from the way it's laying and the warm sunshine is making the image too light.

    D. Muskrat.
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