ILGWU was founded 119 years ago today...

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    according to Jewish Currents magazine...


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    Great to read. Does anyone remember the old TV commercials back in the 1960s (?) with members of the ILGW singing their newly worded theme song to the tune of the old "Look for the Silver Lining"? I still sing that today and think of it every time I see an old label. Sorry if I cannot recall all of it right now. "Look for the Union Label...when you are buying that coat dress or blouse....remember somewhere our Union's sewing, our wages feed the kids... Sure we work hard, but whose complaining" etc. It ends with "So always look for the Union Label, it says we are able to make it in the USA". Or close to that.

    Dwayne's uncle was a CPA for the ILGWU. Well, actually he was a member all right and a shop leader. But not in finance. He said CPA stood for Cleaning Pressing and Alterations. :hysterical:
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    119 years. Amazing. I always love finding the labeled clothing.

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