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    1F1ABD8F-B61A-4600-BEC5-91DE4DCE7901.jpeg C25811B5-CCD4-467A-924C-78B1ED44B51E.jpeg 4C2B6B0E-E2A2-431C-9643-933B4F4DD65C.jpeg 80C9919E-6118-4051-9407-E5057830646D.jpeg D4DE772C-BD75-43FF-BB74-47454AD87FD5.jpeg C277B8F6-E8A6-46BE-99DA-F2CC6033F876.jpeg 8F37062D-D9C1-4929-83EF-E53A7D077535.jpeg F590FA9D-9E59-4340-BD5B-96F3BA01EBBF.jpeg F590FA9D-9E59-4340-BD5B-96F3BA01EBBF.jpeg I recently purchased this jacket while thrifting and I’m wondering if anyone can provide any information! It’s beautifully constructed. The martingales are real leather as are the tabs they snap to. I’m mostly wondering about the tag info! Tag is inside the pocket. The numbers are a little hard to read so I’ll clarify:
    Modello- FG1227 Giacca Donna
    Tessuto Esterno 100% wool
    And at the end of the lines with interior and exterior fabrics there are the numbers, 20,24,46,80,99 which may correspond to fabrics used

    Edit: I found it! It’s from the Fall 2002 Ready to Wear, however I’d love more information on the tag in the pocket if anyone knows anything!
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  2. By the Ginetex care symbols with the dryer in the last position it is pre 2004. We have this label in our resource as 2000s. The label could also have been used in the 90s, as well. Hopefully someone will be along to offer more info..
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  3. Good to hear you found the year :USETHUMBUP:

    As for the tag, I’m not sure what info you are looking for? The wording is Italian for order, fabric, style name / number etc., etc..
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    I guess I was just wondering if they give any more history on the garment itself! Such as who it was made for, etc! Are these kinds of tags common? I’d ultimately love to know the whole history of the jacket and how it ended up in my little town’s thrift store but I know that’s not a possibility!
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    Ok thank you! I’ve just never seen a tag quite like this one and was curious! Your help was great! You pointed me in the right direction to find the info I wanted!
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