Is my date correct on this dress ?? Please help

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by Swan Lake Vintage, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Swan Lake Vintage

    Swan Lake Vintage Registered Guest

    I am going 30's on this ?? Am I right ? It has small shoulder pads that are a little strange as they pad the front of the shoulder only ( they are sewn in that way ) It has the smallest toothed metal zipper I have ever seen in my life.

    The fabric, I'm not sure. It has rayon qualities, but is very delicate. Silk chiffon maybe ?


    The back has self covered buttons and a button-closed belt which doesn't show well in my pics

    Any help on date and fabric is appreciated !

  2. bigchief

    bigchief Alumni

    Mary, that is <i>gorgeous</i>! Especially love the print.

    It looks like silk chiffon to me; what makes you think it's not (what are they 'rayon qualities)?

    I'd say 30's too, but wait for more educated opinions on that :)

  3. Swan Lake Vintage

    Swan Lake Vintage Registered Guest

    Thanks Carolyn, it's the texture of the's sort of course if you know what I mean. It has more of a rayon feel, yet is light like a chiffon.
  4. cherry-pie-and-roses

    cherry-pie-and-roses Registered Guest

    Maybe it's silk georgette which has more texture than chiffon.

  5. Swan Lake Vintage

    Swan Lake Vintage Registered Guest

    Ah ha ! And silly me has a fabric dictionary right in front of her. I was still asleep I guess. Thanks Brenda !
  6. I'm no expert, but I'm inclined to say mid-forties... post-war, pre-new look. That double skirt, longer length just says forties to me. As does the softened shoulder pads.

  7. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    hmmm....the print looks more 30s to me, however something about the style says 40s to me too.

    Very, very nice! Looks to be in fabulous condition also.

    (big help, eh?)

  8. Swan Lake Vintage

    Swan Lake Vintage Registered Guest

    Well, after looking this over more closely after I got it off her, I believe it was once ffull-length and had been shortened. I say that because as I looked at it on her here, the hem doesn't look even, and the bias tape used at the hem doesn't match right.

    It has also been altered on the side seam by the belly area, where the seam was undone and biased taped ( pregnancy ?? )

    I found on cardboard tag sewn into the seam which is handwritten " Welsh 5636-1 ", whatever that
  9. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Trade Member

    hmm. The bodice cut with the integral cap sleeves and the shoulder fit with small pad has that 1946 - 1952 look. Which would make sense if the hem has been shortened. The overskirt would work in that time period as well, as does the button back closure and side zipper.

  10. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    As usual, Hollis and I agree again...
    I would even narrow that down to 1948-1950.
    The short cap sleeves, strong shoulder line, peplum skirt and length all fit into that period beautifully.
  11. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Trade Member

    Jonathan - Thank heaven you are back!

    Sue treid to get me to nail things down to a year and season - and I am lucky to get a 5 year period!


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