Is this a 1920s Bohemian dress?

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  1. denisebrain

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    This dress came to me carefully labeled with a tag stating that it is 1920s Bohemian.

    The fabric is extremely light cotton gauze (or for those in the UK, cheesecloth). I believe the embroidery floss must be silk because it is bright and glossy, but there's quite a bit missing.

    Do you see Bohemian? 1920s? Any thoughts as to where it was made and who would have worn it?


    whiteembroid20sgauzebohemiandress3.JPG whiteembroid20sgauzebohemiandress4b.jpg

    TIA, as always!
  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    You look lovely, as always. This is not hitting me as quite right for 1920s. Hard to say exactly why, it just does not have any 1920s details I might expect to find. Also, the 3/4 length sleeve seems more later in the century to me. The side seaming and tiny pointed collar look more modern too. It just seems as if it needs "more" of something if it were to be 1920s. Do the underarms have gussets? Is the hem rolled or is it tucked under? Not much help, am I?

    Let's see what others think.
  3. denisebrain

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    Thank you Barbara.

    I know this one hasn't much to go on!

    These two photos show a couple of the mends. To me, these look like older mends.
    P6156003.jpg P6156002.jpg

    This is the inside of the hem, showing a vertical seam's finish. All the inseams are finished like this. The piece is entirely hand sewn.

    This might show more detail of the seaming. I feel like it is Middle the seaming on the Gaza dress of Folkwear Patterns?
  4. poppysvintageclothing

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  5. Maggie,
    I have a dress very similar to this which is a finer lawn material which is 1920s.
    Sheer with more faggoting (word) and embroidery.
    Mine does have the side horizontal small seams for shaping at the hips.
    I can't recall if it is short or long sleeved at this time. It have the small V neck and collar

    Unfortunate it is in the bad storage area or i would get it and examine it.

    Mine appears to have been handmade.

    So I think it mat be a possibility of being 20s.
  6. Jonathan

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    I have a Scottish dress from this period made of similar material with more MacIntosh type embroidery on it. I suspect your dress is 1920s and made in Bohemia (Czechoslovakia) with some traditional styles of embroidered workmanship.
  7. denisebrain

    denisebrain Trade Member

    OK, thank you all for your input!

    Why I see 20s (besides that tag, the factuality of which I can't vouch for) is the length of the front panel. It wouldn't have a natural waist cut through that, would it? Yet the lack of horizontal seams... I'm looking for a traditional embroidery that looks much like this now.

    Again, I really appreciate all your thoughts.
  8. claireshaeffer

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    There were Bohemian fashions in the 1960s. Some bought abroad and some imported into US. It was quite fashionable in NY at the time.
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