Is this a Chanel copy?

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    It is very difficult to authenticate an original Chanel scarf, but I can help you determine if it is a copy.

    1. The hem is machine stitched. There are several different machine hems. Do some research at your local thrift shop so you can identify them.
    2. The printing is not precise. Many are silk-screened. If the screens are not aligned perfectly, there will be small white sections between the colors.
    3. Look at the name and logo; sometimes these are misspelled. In fact this is often the best place to start.
    4. Is it silk? Learn to identify the differences in the feel of silk and polyester. This is sometimes challenging because quality silks don't wrinkle badly when you squeeze them in your hand.

    Even if the scarf is a copy, it can have a lovely print and be fun to wear.
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  2. Justin Massey

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    Hi Claire,

    I came across your post and appreciate the helpful information. Do you know if Chanel at any point in the 80's or 90's did not roll their edges on scarves? I read an article recently that mentioned this may have been the case. Either way, I have a scarf that isn't rolled, but the printing seems pristine. If I upload pics, would you be willing to take a look?


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    The Vintage Fashion Guild does not authenticate items. There are many reputable businesses online that provide this service.

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