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Is this Borg fur and what exactly is Borg?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by crinolinegirl, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. crinolinegirl

    crinolinegirl Alumni

    I have a 1930's muff and a early 1920's coat both made from the same type of fur. My mum says it's Borg but when I do a google search, it only comes up with German websites or Star Trek Borg fan sites!!

    I haven't photographed the coat as it's going to the next fair (WAY to heavy to ship anywhere) but here is the muff...


    It's a really, really soft, like plush, black/brown color fur (if it were a horse, it would be called dark bay in color). My mum used to have a coat in the 80's made out of the same fur and she called that Borg too but what animal is it from and would I be correct in called the muff and jacket "borg" too?

  2. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    WOW, now thats weird, my Dad once worked for Borg Fabrics, the factory was on the Thanet Way,the A?? something in Kent, between chestfield and tankerton roundabluts. He would do the night shift, c 1964-65. He would bring ome off cuts and my mum would sew them together for our beds.
    there is a picture in my mums office of him with the football team outside the factory and the logos on it..

    l shall ask if he can remeber anything of it, perhaps the reps mentioned things, customer s etc..

    l think it was th AStraka of the day an dyes al recall it was a german firm...

    there a s BORG FABRIC advert for sale on ebay now
  3. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    I always thought Borg was faux mouton (and it is difficult to tell the difference between real and faux mouton!)

    Your muff looks like seal to me.
  4. crinolinegirl

    crinolinegirl Alumni

    This is real fur, where the fur has worn off, you can see the leather hide. Ths is really plush though, I thought seal was smoother and flatter?
  5. crinolinegirl

    crinolinegirl Alumni

    Hmmm, may just list it as "plush fur"?
  6. avamac

    avamac Alumni

    Could be seal, otter, or 'coney'--i.e. bunny. Plush fur is probably your best bet....
  7. crinolinegirl

    crinolinegirl Alumni

    "Plush Fur" it is then! :USETHUMBUP:

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  8. eel

    eel Registered Guest

    my best guess would be sheared beaver. Which is soft like seal but has that brown undertone.
    Personally I don't like the word "plush" sounds like a faux fur word to me. I would say "real fur" and state you aren't sure of type in the auction.
  9. cmpollack

    cmpollack VFG Member

    I have a black plush (faux) 70s fur coat labelled "Borgazia", made by the Borg Textile Corp., which began making its trademark "Borg" synthetic plush pile fabric in the early 70s.

    Your muff looks like either seal or sheared beaver to me!
  10. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Administrator Staff Member

    If it is very, very, very soft, and very dense, it's probably sheared otter. Otter is supposedly the softest of the "water" animal furs, from what I've read. I had a coat with sheared otter trim, and it was luxurious. It looked very much like your fur, was softer than beaver, and felt so good it was sinful.... Only it may have been sheared shorter than yours, so it's hard to tell, esp. without touching it.
  11. crinolinegirl

    crinolinegirl Alumni

    It is VERY VERY VERY soft and dense, I could happily have a whole blanket made from this and maybe all my clothes too as it's wonderful!

    I'll put "plush fur" and say that it may be sheared Otter.
  12. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

    Borg is the name of the company that makes a synthetic plush pile fabric imitating fur. Very popular in the 50s and 60s.

    here is a listing that is on ebay for one of their early ads, this one was for Borgana


    and another ad


    These were always meant to be cleaned by the same method you would clean fur.
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  13. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Administrator Staff Member

    Lei, if you think you would want to lie naked rolled up in it all day and all night, it must be the same as what I had.... Never have I felt such fur in all my life (not that I'm a real "fur" person, but this was lush & plush).
  14. avamac

    avamac Alumni

    Another great 'feely' fur is nutria....my son as a darling child cleared out a Nordstrom fur trunk sale when he piped up..."NUTRIA, MOM....that's those giant RATS!!!!"
  15. atticville

    atticville Alumni

    Sheared Beaver & Seal can be as or close to Mouton, I like Anne's description, "Luxiurious", anything sheared probably had a longer uneven pelt to begin with so they sheared it to give it that plush, even look or to create a design with the hair growth dirrection?. But then again, I used to raise rats, this brings back memories of Gracie!! Lord she was pretty!
  16. John Edgar

    John Edgar Registered Guest

    I worked for Borg Fabrics in Elmira Ontario around 1968. My position was in product development. If you have questions maybe I can help.

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