Is this burberry trench authentic?

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    Good evening.

    we do not do authentications, as per our VFG forum rules:

    • 5 - Trade Members of the VFG are unable to authenticate designer labels on the forums. For authentication we recommend contacting the design house directly.

    I see you have two different coats with the same question (different listing, but same question), so we'll be eliminating the second one. You may want to contact Burberry directly to get their opinion.
  3. rebelmaeve

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    I contacted Burberry directly regarding label authentification and they would'nt tell me if it was or was not an authentic label. Just a head's up to others who may consider asking the company.
  4. mags_rags

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    When you think about it, who at Burberry is qualified to judge authenticity of an individual garment? Not the sales person who works at the Burberry store in your local high end mall. And if that person did, how would you know you could trust their opinion? It takes a hands-on evaluation of multiple details by someone who has seen and handled a lot of similar garments. There are [rofessional appraisers who do that kinbd of work, but their services are expensive.

    Those of us who sold vintage on eBay back 10+ years ago probably all remember the seller who was doing very very well - had a great live model (herself actually), styled the shoots with an eye toward trends, and seemed to have an endless supply of designer garments. Eventually, some of us noticed that the designer labels looked real, but not quite right for dresses, coats, etc. She was snipping labels out of designer neckties and sewing them into her stock to up her $$. She was eventually suspended from eBay, for awhile at least.
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