Is this crazy hat 1940s?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by rosebudrose, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. rosebudrose

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    I've been puzzling over this beauty for some time now. It's made of what looks like cut-pile velvet, but could be some sort of shaved fur. The color is almost closer to deep midnight blue than black, and it's covered in the most amazing sequins, beads, and rhinestones.

    I have so many questions about this hat :help:

    I think it's 1940s, based on the shape, but I don't even know how to wear it! There's a bit of adhesive on the underside, and I figured that must be where the label was, making it the back, but honestly, it looks good either way.

    I also have no idea what you call this kind of hat.

    It is definitely quirky and glamorous and feminine all at once, and I would love to know more about it!

  2. Linn

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    I'm not a hat expert but if you could show the inside that will help a little. It's a great hat. BTW - welcome to the Forums. Have you checked the Quick Tips on Dating Vintage on the home page which gives some helpful tips on hats.

    I would "guess" '30's or '40's on the hat but someone who know will undoubtedly come along to help!

  3. rosebudrose

    rosebudrose Registered Guest

    Here's the best shot I have of the inside- not the best, sorry, it's on a wig stand. The inside looks just like the outside, and you can see the threads the beads were stitched on with at the top.

  4. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    The hat is early 1950's. Possibly 1948-1949, but I feel 1950-1952.

    From the photos, it appears to be made of a silk or wool panne plush fabric over a net frame. Possibly a fur-felt plush with a panne' finish, but my guess is a fabric, not a felt.

  5. rosebudrose

    rosebudrose Registered Guest

    Thank you Barbara! I love having such a specific date range. That's far more than I knew about it.
  6. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  7. I agree on early to mid 50's as well. Very Lucy!

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