Is this leisurewear or officewear?

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    Good morning/afternoon/night,

    A couple of days ago, I posted a dress under the "Vintage Fashion Q & A" forum and asked for help to date it. I concluded it was made between 1966-1973, but I can't really tell if it's leisurewear or something a secretary would wear. I'll post the pictures again, just to be sure.

    2018-11-02 07.09.17.jpg 2018-11-02 07.09.27.jpg 2018-11-02 07.09.32.jpg

    Thanks for your time and willingness.
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  2. Jonathan

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    I would think it would be considered appropriate for the office if worn with pantyhose, closed toe shoes, and proper make-up and hair, maybe a belt... I think of 1960s leisurewear as being mostly pants and T-shirts.
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  3. 196t's

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    That's what I thought! The thing is finding a belt that goes with it. Maybe a bigger black belt would save the trouble to find one that matches the dress' dark blue tone...
  4. Linn

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    Just want to comment that Dralon is not a type of wool. Draylon is a synthetic fiber made of Acrylic. It appears from your photo that your dress is a knit. Draylon fiber(s) would have been spun into yarn and then machine knit. Wool can be spun into yarn and knit (think sweaters, etc.) also but wool (and Draylon) fibers or threads can be woven into all sorts of different fabric(s). The biggest distinction is that wool is a natural fiber.

    I agree with Jonathan that the dress could be worn to an office. I can see it worn with navy blue flats and white tights. I do not see it belted.
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  5. 196t's

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    Thank you so much for your explanation, Linn! I was in doubt about draylon, but now it's clear.
  6. Vinclothes

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    Thank you Linn for your articulate explanation.
  7. Jonathan

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    Maybe the dress is too A-line for a belt - I thought it was more of a sheath at first glance - hard to tell without seeing it on. At any rate, belting it isn't a must, as Linn pointed out - some did, some didn't -- it was a matter of choice, and there were many types of belts - thin, wide, hip slung chain...
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    I'm a little late, didn't see the new messages.
    Very nice information! Thanks.

    For now, this is the only image I have, hope it is enough. If you need more, tell me.

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