ISO: Not sure what kind of jacket this is and where to find it.

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    A02884B3-31EB-42E8-973A-04DA61AC70C6.jpeg 2E18E502-374C-4F3C-BD5E-59D77D102593.jpeg
    I’ve looked everywhere for this jacket and I cannot seem to figure out what brand it is, nor what style/type of leather jacket it is.

    The jacket is worn by Robert Englund in the beginning scenes of the movie Freddy Vs Jason.

    The closest thing I could find to it was a 1985 M.Julian Wilson’s leather jacket that I found on Poshmark. Unfortunately a men’s medium didn’t fit.
    Below is the jacket I bought from poshmark. I’m not sure how accurate it is to the movie jacket.
    F91C1FED-0491-48A6-A8A0-70CD7266495A.jpeg C3B09C71-6C17-4095-9391-25CB97D13EEE.jpeg CB358B6F-AC1A-4392-B4D2-B5C6434C528F.png 6FB7ABA6-6EC0-412A-ABF8-53AC1D31A190.jpeg E50A560F-0071-4F63-926B-6382E24973A4.jpeg 154ACE44-F191-4575-8C52-DCC5F07495B9.jpeg

    I went out of my way to contact Wilson’s but they had no helpful information to give me.

    I would really appreciate any information anyone could give me, even if it’s a direction to find someone else like an expert on the matter.

    Thank you so much, I’m happy to be here: the community seems really nice!
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    i would suggest going to the source: look up who the wardrobe designer was for the film, and try to contact them.

    good luck!
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    That’s such a good idea! I just learned who the costume designer was (Gregory Mah and Carolyn Bentley), but I unfortunately couldn’t find any way to contact Them. I actually tried to contact Robert Englund on the matter in the past, but never received a response.
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