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  1. AdvantageInVintage

    AdvantageInVintage Registered Guest

    Hello all,

    I am after a little bit of assistance- has anyone heard of/ knows anything about the designer Jack Herzog? From what I can garner he was an American couturier working in the 40s definitely- but this is as far as I have got. Does anyone else have any further info?

  2. lkranieri

    lkranieri Trade Member

    I gathered some information after I saw your initial inquiry, but I never organized it, so rather than delay any longer I will do that on the fly here...

    -- The earliest reference I found to Jack Herzog was in a 1921 trade publication, The American Cloak and Suit Review. It noted that: "The announcement of the 1921 program adopted by the Majestic Cloak Co. includes re-organization with an entirely new personnel and management of its affairs...Harry Herzog is appointed directing manager of the organization and the re-organized business is due to the amalgamation of the firm Phil Herzog & Sons and the Herzog Cloak & Suit Co. into one organization. In addition, the announcement includes the statement that the four brothers Herzog--Herman, Harry, Samuel, and Jack--will be united as one firm after years of individual operation...the suit department will find itself under the direction of Jack Herzog...The company was organized twenty-seven years ago by Edwin A, Hochstadter and was taken over by Harry Herzog on January 1st 1918."

    -- A 1929 newspaper blurb announced a name change for the company: "Jack Herzog, Manhattan, Jack Herzog & Bros."

    A 1938 NY newspaper reported a new lease for Herzog: "...negotiated the following leases: Jack Herzog & Bro., Inc., dresses, in 260 West Thirty-ninth Street..."

    The 1940 federal census recorded the family of 42-year-old Jack and wife Ruth Herzog, with daughters Caroline and Joan, and son Donald in Manhattan. Jack's occupation was "dresses, wholesale manufacturer."

    -- A 1942 newspaper story about a fashion show noted: "Glitter was introduced in the showing by Will Saunders, designer for Jack Herzog, who likes to make girls glamorous."

    A 1946 article about an FTC case reported: "The buyers charged were as follows:...Jack, Michael, George, and Louis Herzog, trading as Jack Herzog & Co., 337 Seventh Avenue (NYC)..."

    -- A 1946 Manhattan directory listed: "Herzog Jack, drses, 530 7 Av; Residence 290 W End Av...Herzog Jack 777 W End Ave...Herzog Jack & Bro, Inc., 530 7 Ave...Herzog Jack Co, mdse brkrs, 127 W 30..."

    -- A 1958 NY industrial directory listed: "Donald Dress, Inc, 530 7 Ave, NYC. Pres Jack Herzog, treas Samuel Herzog. Dresses..." (Note that the address for Donald Dress, Inc. was the same as the one above, for Jack Herzog, "drses" and that Jack and Ruth Herzog had a son named Donald)

    -- A 1964 obituary for Jack Herzog stated: "Jack Herzog, retired New York dress manufacturer, died of a heart attack Sunday in his home in Miami Beach. He was 66 years old. Mr. Herzog retired in 1956 from the presidency of Jack Herzog & Bros., Inc...Surviving are his widow, Ruth Syrop; a daughter, Mrs. Joan Venzer; a son, Donald A.; a brother, Samuel, and five grandchildren."
  3. plainjane

    plainjane Registered Guest

    Hi, Jack Herzog was my paternal grandfather. I happened across this forum while doing some research of my own. My grandmother Ruth and my mother often wore his dresses. Sadly, no one in our family has any of his dresses today. I did find a few photos online of some dresses he designed (photos attached). What specifically are you trying to find about Jack?
    Jack Herzog original_ pink.jpg Jack Herzog original tag.jpg Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 10.32.16 AM.jpg
    Jack Herzog original_ pink.jpg Jack Herzog Web Dress.jpg
  4. blubirdboutique

    blubirdboutique Registered Guest

    Oh wow that spider web dress is fabulous!!
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  5. Lucybelle

    Lucybelle Registered Guest

    I don't have any more information to add, but do have this Jack Herzog dress: UNKN.1.6 Three-quarter View.jpg
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  6. Vintagiality

    Vintagiality Trade Member

    Oh how wonderful! Sorry to revive a really old thread but I am researching a dress with the Donald Original label and the breadcrumbs took me here. I do have a question though. All of the ads I have found for Donald Original say "by Jack Hertzog". I also found a 1953 Prominent Designer sewing pattern by him which also has the T. It would be too much of a coincidence for this to be someone else I think but want to confirm. Did your family use the two spellings interchangeably?

    Also, I saw that @Jonathan wrote a blog post about him based on Lynne's research. Just wanted to mention that I found evidence of Donald Original as early as 1952 and Donald Dress Co to 1940.
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