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  1. Antoinette Clark

    Antoinette Clark Registered Guest

    Hi everyone. I’ve searched around to try and find out the maker of this sectional. There is no identifiable tag anymore but I’m fairly certain the Cotton velvet is Jack Lenor Larson. I’d like to learn more about. Perhaps someone here may have seen something like this. Thanks in advance for any input you have. 1780F849-06FA-4BFC-B264-C56FE7B491A0.jpeg 1B0CFAED-79F5-4FD3-843C-1A73754F0E61.jpeg 01E76E23-E64F-45BA-BD92-77D60B08BE89.jpeg
  2. Auntie Establishment

    Auntie Establishment Registered Guest

    I can't help you much unfortunately. But I can give you a few areas in which to direct your search. First, there is a Jack Lenor Larsen archive in Minnesota. You could reach out to them about the fabric and maybe find who used it for sofas.

    Second, I know that Henedron, Kingcome, Milo Baughman and Directional all used JLL fabric on their sofas.
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  3. Joyatri

    Joyatri VFG Member

    I can't quite see the pattern of the fabric clearly, but it appears to be "Primavera."

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